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The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#8)

“Okay now we want to make sure we get on the right plane this time.” Says Melody.
Artie, Melody and Paul were at the airport.
“Right. Michigan is flight 4-6-2.” Says Artie.
“Itʼs right over there. Are they boarding yet?” Asks Paul.
“No. Theyʼll be boarding in a few minutes.” Answers Artie.
“I want a pretzel with nacho cheese!” Says Paul.
“Paul you know what pretzels do to your stomach when we travel. We canʼt take any
chances.” Says Artie.
“Aw man. But I really want one!”
Paul runs to the stand for a pretzel.
“Heʼs really asking for it.” Says Artie to Melody.
“What do you mean?” She asks.
“He loves pretzels and he does fine with them, except when weʼre traveling. His
stomach canʼt take it. It can take any other food, but not pretzels. Heʼll get nauseous.
Heʼll be vomiting all day.”
“What?” “No you canʼt let him do that! I have to stop him!” Melody yells.
She sees Paul getting the pretzel about to take a bite.
“Paul donʼt!” Melody says as she runs to him.
“What?” Asks Paul.
“If youʼre going to be vomiting on the plane because of this pretzel, I canʼt let you eat it.”
“Why? Iʼll be vomiting not you.”
“No. Itʼs just that...... I have emetophobia.”
“Oh really?” Paul says pretending to know what that means.
“Itʼs the fear of vomit.”
“OH. Iʼm sorry why didnʼt you tell me?”
“Well I just did didnʼt I?”
Paul laughs.
“What about this gorgeous pretzel?” Asks Paul. “Are we going to let it go to waste?” He
“Well I wouldnʼt want to eat right in front of you. So I guess so.”
Paul throws away the pretzel sad.
“Come on you two! The plane is boarding now!” Says Artie.
The three of them board the plane. They were in a first class section. Artie had the
window seat, Melody sat in the middle and Paul at the end.
“Alright hang tight everyone.” Says the pilot. “Weʼll be in Michigan in a couple of hours
so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.”
“Michigan. Thatʼs better.” Says Artie.
An hour passes and theyʼre in the middle of their flight.
“Hey Melody, do you mind if I use your shoulder as a pillow? I forgot mine in my
suitcase.” Asks Artie.
“Sure. go right ahead.”
“Great thanks.”
Paul looks at Melody. He wants to use her shoulder too.
“Yes Paul, you can use my shoulder too.” Melody says.
And Paul lays his head on her other shoulder. They quickly fall asleep. Every now and
then Melody would stroke Artieʼs fro and she would rub Paulʼs leg to comfort them.
A few minutes later a lady walks by and recognizes Paul and Art.
“Excuse me miss, but arenʼt you sitting with Simon & Garfunkel right now?” The lady
whispers to Melody in respect.
“Yes I am.” Melody answers.
“Wow how cool! Iʼm a big fan.”
“Me too!”
“And who are you exactly? What gives you the right to sit with them?”
“Oh, well Iʼm on tour with them. Iʼm Paulʼs girlfriend.”
“Oh. Thatʼs sweet. Well alright. Nice to meet you uhm-.”
“Melody. Thatʼs my name.”
Melody goes to shake her hand and Paul woke up.
“Whoʼs this nice lady you have here Mel-bell?” Asks Paul.
“Just a Simon & Garfunkel fan.” Answers Melody.
“Hi! Iʼm such a big fan. Iʼm going to your Michigan concert! I have a picture, could you
sign it?”
“Sure! Artie wake up.” Says Paul. “Can you wake him up Mel?” He asks.
“But he looks so peaceful.” Says Melody.
“Thatʼs okay. Iʼll be happy with a signature from you.” Says the fan.
She goes to get her picture and she comes back. Paul signs it.
“Thank you so much and Iʼll see you at the concert!”
“Alright I hope you like it!”
“Iʼm sure I will. Thank you.”
There was much commotion in coach. Suddenly there was a long line waiting for a
Simon & Garfunkel autograph. The lady couldnʼt keep her mouth shut.
“Woah look at that line.” Says Melody.
Paul turns around and someone said, “Hey thereʼs Paul Simon!” and every clapped and
cheered. Artie wakes up from the noise and notices the long line.
“Paul what did you do?” Asks Artie.
“Well I woke up to a fan wanting an autograph. I couldnʼt say no.” Says Paul.
“....Melody what did you do?” Asks Artie.
“I didnʼt do anything this lady just comes up to me and asks me if I was sitting with
Simon & Garfunkel and I said yes.” Answers Melody.
“Well I am not signing stuff for all those people.” Says Paul and Artie.
“Hold on.” Says Melody. She calls the usher. “Miss, can you please get those people out
of here theyʼre disturbing.”
“Well they are first class.” Replies the usher.
“All those people are not first class. Theyʼre coach. Now can you please put them back
where they belong?”
“Alright.” The usher gives Melody a dirty look.
“Alright.” Melody sneers in mockery. “What a jerk.”
“Okay thatʼs enough. Go back to your seats.” Says the usher.
The disappointed passengers go back to their seats.
Soon they arrived in Michigan.
“That was a long plane ride.” Says Paul.
“I know. After the whole “autograph” thing time just stopped.” Said Artie.
“At least itʼs over now. Now letʼs go to the hotel weʼre staying at and do that concert
tomorrow!” Said Paul.

To Be Continued...

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#7)

Artie, Paul and Melody were all together eating lunch in the hotel lobby.
“This is our third and final day in Florida. Why donʼt we do something together?”
Suggested Melody.
“Thatʼs a good idea. But what could we do?” Asks Paul. “Like Artie mentioned before, I
think weʼd be easily recognized in a public place.”
“Yeah now that I think about it. Youʼre both right.” Said Melody in agreement. “Wait. I
have the perfect idea!”
Melody ran up the stairs to go to her hotel room.
“What do you think she wants to do?” Asks Artie.
“I donʼt know.” Answered Paul. “So....you and her had a good time last night?”
“Not too much fun if thatʼs what youʼre asking. You know I wouldnʼt do that to you.”
Artie stuffed a fork full of pancakes in his mouth. Melody returns. She brings back a
“What is that?” Asks Paul.
“Itʼs a map.”
“Well I know that, but what for?”
“Remember I told you two that I flew to Florida in high school? Well I know the perfect
place where we can watch the beautiful sunset. Itʼs one of my favorite things to do!”
Paul wasnʼt too thrilled about it. Artie on the other hand, was very excited.
“Oh me too! I love sunsets! I didnʼt know you liked to do relaxing things like that.” Says
Artie in excitement.
Melody notices that Paul doesnʼt like the idea.
“Come on itʼll fun. Besides, itʼll be very romantic. Please?” Asks Melody while staring at
Paul smiles at her. He couldnʼt resist her beautiful brown eyes staring at him.
“You know I canʼt resist your beautiful brown eyes. Alright.”
“Look at the time! Itʼs about to start!” Said Artie. “Are you sure you know where it is?” He
“Yes I do. I just brought the map for extra safety.” Said Melody.
“Great.” Said Artie.
They arrive at the place. It was a beach setting. The three of them sat together. Paul
and Melody were holding hands.
“What a beautiful ending to a stay in Florida.” Says Artie. Artie looks towards Paul and
Melody and begins, “Donʼt you think--.”
Melody and Paul were kissing.
Artie laughs to himself and continues to watch the sunset.
To Be Continued...

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#6)

Disclaimer: I tried to be as accurate as I could so far. As far as the timeline goes and
when Simon & Garfunkel wrote there stuff, but since the setting is the late 1960ʼs and
clearly they are strongly still together, a few things will be inaccurate as far as timing
Paul and Melody wake up at about noon the next day.
“Artie will you open the door?” Asks Paul in frustration.
Paul uses his room key to open the door. Artie is not in the room.
“Whereʼs Artie?” Asks Melody.
“I donʼt know.”
Melody finds a note from Artie where Paulʼs note used to be. At the top of the note it
I would greatly appreciate it, if Melody didnʼt read this. And if youʼre reading this Melody,
no disrespect intended, but this is private. Thank you. Iʼll see you later on.
“Well the note says for me not to read it Paul, so itʼs for you.” Says Melody.
“Okay” Says Paul.
The note said:
Dearest Paul,
I got your note last night. I donʼt mind you staying with her. Just hope you didnʼt make
love. Itʼs not that I donʼt like her, I really do itʼs just that, for you, itʼs not really the right
time nor place to make love. Thereʼs the risk of her getting pregnant in the middle of our
tour, the baby would be such a distraction and you two arenʼt married or anything and...
Iʼm going too far arenʼt I? Just watching after you Paul. Youʼre all I have. And Iʼd like to
thank you I guess. Now it looks like I have someone else in my life. Iʼd like to have
dinner with her one on one to know her better tonight. I hope thatʼs alright with you. I
think we could be good friends. Anyway, Iʼll see you in the afternoon, Iʼll be out taking a
morning stroll.
“That was a little disturbing. And sweet at the same time.” Says Paul.
“What did it say?” Asks Melody.
“Oh nothing important to you.”
“What shall we do today?”
“Well Artie did mention in the note that he wants to take you to dinner to know you
better. Would you be up for that?”
“Sure I would. Do you know when heʼll be coming back?”
“Sometime this afternoon. So probably any minute now.”
About an hour later Artie arrives.
“There he is.” Said Paul.
Paul and Artie hug
“Good to see you both.” Says Artie with a grin. “Melody, did Paul tell you that I wanted to
take you to dinner?” He asks.
“Yes he did, and I would be happy to.”
“Great. Shall we go at around 7?”
“Wait a minute, if you guys are going to dinner what am I going to do?” Asks Paul.
“You could play your guitar, write a song for me.” Melody says playfully.
“Hey thereʼs an idea!”
Melody giggles
A few hours pass and itʼs 7 oʼclock. Artie takes Melody to a nice restaurant not too far
from The Plaza hotel. They sit at a table in the VIP section. A rather old man sits them,
somewhere in his early 60ʼs.
“And hereʼs a table for the lovely couple.” Says the old man with a sweet smile
“Uhm- weʼre not a couple” Art and Melody both begin to say.
“Oh ok.” The man says sarcastically. “Denial is all part of the process. What can I get
you two?”
Melody and Artie look at each other awkwardly
“Iʼll just have a root beer tonight thank you.” Said Melody.
Artie looks at her strangely.
“Iʼll have some wine. And can we have the appetizer of the jumbo shrimp?” Asks Artie.
“Sure can. Is that all for tonight?” Asks the man.
“That will do.” Replies Artie.
Artie looks at Melody as though he was studying for a test. It was rather uncomfortable
for Melody, so she tries to break the ice by asking,
“So, what would you like to know about me?”
“You didnʼt want any wine of some sort?” He asks.
“Oh no. I donʼt drink.”
“Oh right, youʼre barely 21 right?”
“Actually, my 22nd birthday is coming up. Remember I told you it was May 15?”
“Oh yeah. Do you not like alcohol?”
“Iʼve never tried it and I never will.”
“How come?”
“Well a few years ago the people around me would drink alcohol and it just ruined
everything. It corrupted my life in so many ways, that I took a vow to avoid it.”
“How did it corrupt you?”
Melody look down. It was a difficult subject for her to talk about.
“Letʼs just say that when you drink alcohol, it changes you. Youʼre not the same person.
I just- I hate it.”
“Would it make you feel uncomfortable if I drank it?”
“No, itʼs okay. I trust you Artie.”
Artie looks at her in sympathy
“Iʼm so sorry. I had no idea.”
“Yeah Iʼve been through a lot.”
The old man comes back with their drinks and their appetizer. They continue to talk.
“So what is it about Paul that strikes you?” Asks Artie.
“Everything I suppose.” Melody begins. “Mostly because heʼs kind-hearted and his
talent. Heʼs the one who inspired me to play the guitar.”
“So youʼre musically inclined?”
“Of course. A singer, songwriter and a player.”
“Is it just you or is it in your blood?”
“Well, my dad is the musician of the family. As far as musical theory goes and my piano
playing, heʼs taught me basically everything I know.”
“So itʼs singing, guitar and piano?”
“Thatʼs right. I havenʼt touched the piano in a while though.”
“Well maybe I could jog your memory sometime.”
“That would be great. I would love that.”
Artie suddenly realizes why Paul fell in love with Melody on the spot. She seemed like a
really great person. Art and Melody were talking and laughing like two best friends.
“You know, I wasnʼt sure about you and Paul and the whole ʻlove at first sightʼ thing, but
now I see why he fell in love with you so quickly.”
“Coming from you Artie that means a lot.”
“If you two werenʼt in love, I would probably be in love with you!” Artie said playfully.
Melody laughs, but inside she must have took it seriously because her face looked a
little nervous as he said that.
“I was kidding.” Said Artie.
“I know you are. Did my face look like you werenʼt?” Melody said.
“No I guess not.”
Artie hardly touched his wine. They were so busy talking that their food and beverages
were hardly touched.
“Well anyway, are we ready to head back to the hotel?” She asks.
“Well it is rather late.”
“Just one more question for you.”
“Alright shoot” Melody says while smiling.
“Iʼve never really had a friend thatʼs a girl. Would you mind being my other best friend
besides Paul?
“Oh course Artie. It would be my honor.”
“Great. Thatʼs nice to hear. Okay we can go now.”
They both get in the car and drive for a little while and talk some more. A few hours pass
by and suddenly they both realize that itʼs midnight. Artie decides to give Melody a
“piggy-back” ride to their hotel rooms. They were laughing a lot. Suddenly, they here
violent crying from Melodyʼs room.
“Wait shhh-” Says Artie. “Do you hear that? Is that Paul crying?”
Melody had forgotten her room key, so she knocks on the door. They both heard Paul
run to the door.
“Oh thank God.”
Paul holds Melody in his arms
“I thought something terrible had happened to you two.” Paul said. “Arthur what the
hell? You were supposed to take her to dinner not spend five hours together!” He says
“Paul Iʼm sorry, but we were having such a great time we lost track of time. Didnʼt mean
to make you cry.” Artie said with a small giggle.
“Oh so now my feelings are a joke?” Asks Paul.
“No. Itʼs just ridiculous.”
“Ridiculous? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“Did you really think I was going to let something happen to the one girl you care
“.....Well no. But still you had me worried sick.”
“Now you know how I felt when I was waiting for you before our plane flight.”
“I guess youʼre right.”
“Of course I am!” Artie says with a smile. “But really I didnʼt mean to make you feel so
strongly Iʼm deeply apologize.”
“Oh thatʼs alright I suppose. Just please donʼt do it again?” Says Paul. “And by the way
in answer to your note this morning, no we didnʼt.”
“What?” “Oh! The note. You didnʼt? Good.” Says Artie.
Melody looks confused, but doesnʼt think anything of it.
“Well I am really tired. Good night Artie it was such a pleasure spending time with you.”
Says Melody.
“I think itʼs time for me to give you a hug.” Artie says.
They hug.
“Night Artie.” Paul says.
Paul and Artie hug. They hug was strangely long. Paul stroked his blonde, messy fro.
Artie rubbed Paulʼs back.
“See you tomorrow.” Artie said.
Artie goes into his room. Paul and Melody go in there's.
“I wrote a song for you like you said.” Said Paul.
“Paul I was kidding! You didnʼt have to.”
“Well I did. Would you like to hear it?”
“I would love to hear it, but Iʼm afraid Iʼll fall asleep Iʼm so tired. I donʼt want to hurt your
feelings.” Said Melody.
“I understand. Tomorrow then?”
“Of course.”
Melody kisses him and says,
“Good night.”
“Good night babe.”
“...Donʼt call me that.”
“You know, why donʼt I hear that song now.”
“Okay!” Paul said excited. “I called it Overs. I wrote it for you. Particularly the last few
“Alright letʼs hear it.”
Paul sings the song.
“But each time I try on the thought of leaving you I stop. I stop and think it over.”
“Thatʼs beautiful Paul I love it.” Says Melody.
“Well Iʼve never thought about leaving you of course not! It just fit well with the song.”
“I get it. Paul I love you. Thank you.”
“Good.” Paul kisses her and says,
“I love you too. Good night my sweet.”
“Now thatʼs better.” Melody said with a smile.
And they both fell asleep in each otherʼs arms.
To Be Continued....

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#5)

Itʼs been a few hours. Paul, Artie and Melody are still on the plane.
“Hello passengers! This is your pilot speaking. Weʼll be arriving in Florida in about one
hour. Thank you for riding American Airlines.”
The three of them looked at each other
“Did he just say Florida?” Paul asked in terror.
“There must be a mistake.” Says Artie.
They call over an usher.
“Excuse me, but I think thereʼs a mistake.” Begins Melody. “The pilot said this plane is
going to Florida, but itʼs going to Michigan right?”
“No maʼam, this plane is going to Florida.” Replies the usher and the usher walks away.
“Oh no this is just great what are we going to do?” Asks Artie.
“I donʼt want to cancel the concert.” Says Paul.
“Well weʼre going to have to cancel the concert. We wonʼt get there till later tomorrow
probably......Well we should perform in Michigan. Those poor fans.” Says Artie
“I know.” Agrees Paul.
“Well look you guys weʼre still in the air. Itʼs not going to help worrying about it when we
canʼt do anything about it yet. So letʼs just worry about it once we land. Weʼll figure
something out.” Says Melody.
“Sheʼs right you know.” Says Paul.
“Well...Alright.” Says Artie.
Three hours passes and they are in the Florida airport.
“Iʼm going to call our manager and see what our options are.” Says Paul.
“Alright. Be careful.” Says Melody.
“I will. Iʼm pretty sure I wonʼt strangle myself with the phone line.” Paul says playfully.
Paul walks to the phone, puts in 10 cents, and calls the manager.
“So Melody, whatʼs your last name?” Asks Artie.
“Leon.” Replied Melody.
“Thatʼs nice.”
There was an awkward silence.
“Whenʼs your birthday?” Asks Artie.
“May 15th. Iʼm 21.”
“Did you say 21?”
“I did.”
“Didnʼt you think that Paul was too old for you when you first met him?”
“I donʼt think so. I know itʼs a 6 year difference, but I think itʼs okay.”
“I suppose it is.”
“Any particular reason for all these questions?”
“Well...Paul means a lot to me. Heʼs all I have. Just want to make sure I know very well
the girl that he might be with for the rest of his life.”
“Awh. Well thank you Artie. Iʼd never do anything to hurt him. Thereʼs nothing to worry
about okay?”
“Alright. Thatʼs reassuring.”
“Thereʼs something you should know though.”
“What?” Artie says nervously.
“Iʼm the biggest hugger youʼll ever meet. So youʼll have to get used to my hugs.”
Melody holds out her arms
Artie chuckles
“Well okay. I think I can get used to this.”
They hug
Paul returns.
“Well, it looks like that weʼll be in Florida for 3 days.”
“3 days? Why so long?” Asks Artie.
“Well our manager said that he canʼt get here for 3 days because heʼs having some
difficulty in Michigan. So weʼre going to reschedule our concert to 4 days from today.
Weʼll be in Florida for a while. Gosh what are we going to do? Weʼre in Florida for 3
“Iʼm not sure. If we donʼt find something to do itʼs going to be a long 3 days.”
“You know Disney world just opened. And it looks like weʼre not that far away from it.”
Says Melody.
“Thatʼs a great idea!” Says Paul.
“Yeah thatʼs a great idea. Letʼs go to a public place with tons of people crowding us
asking for autographs. Totally a groovy idea.” Artie says sarcastically.
“Oh Artie. Please?” Says Melody.
“Well you guys can go ahead. Iʼd rather just take a quiet walk around where weʼre going
to be staying at.” Says Artie.
“Right. Weʼre going to be at the Plaza Hotel. Itʼs 5 stars this time Artie.” Said Paul.
“Good. Finally.” Said Artie.
So the three buy a rental car and they drive to the Plaza Hotel. They make theyʼre
reservation at the hotel. They get two rooms.
“So how is the sleeping arrangement going to work?” Said Artie.
“Well. I think that you and Paul can have one room and Iʼll take the second room.” Said
“Okay that sounds good. I like that idea.” Says Artie.
“Yeah. Okay.” Says Paul disappointed.
They get their rooms all settled and Artie says,
“Well, Iʼm going to take a stroll. You two have fun okay?” Says Artie.
“Alright we will.” Says Paul.
“Be careful Artie.” Says Melody.
“Alright I will.” Artie says with a small, majestic smile.
“And now that heʼs gone...” Begins Paul
Paul grabs Melody on the waist and kisses her.
“Weʼre not going to Disney world are we?” Asks Melody with a smile.
“Iʼll give you disney world in our hotel room.” Says Paul.
Melody laughs at the cheesy “pick-up” line.
They walk into the hotel room. They sit down on the bed and they turn on the television.
“The Brady Bunch” was playing. There was a marathon.
“You know what I think?” Says Melody.
“What?” Says Paul.
“I think this is much better than Disney World.”
“I think so too.”
“Do you think Artie will be worried about where you are when he gets back from his
“Maybe, Iʼll leave him a note in our room.”
Paul begins to write the note:
I have decided to stay in Melodyʼs room tonight. I hope you donʼt mind. Thanks.
To Be Continued...

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#4)

“Finally done! And itʼs only five in the morning.” Says Melody following a yawn.
“Done at last.” Says Paul. “Now, to Michigan.” Paul said with a tired voice
They drive three hours back to the hotel where Paul and Artie are staying at. Artie is
pacing in the lobby desperately waiting to find Paul. He sees Paul and Melody running
inside the lobby holding hands. Artie stares at them with an indescribable glare.
“Paul Fredrick Simon where have you been?” Artie asks.
“Doesnʼt matter. We need to get to the airport.” Answers Paul.
“Alright. Melody it was nice seeing you again-” Artie begins.
“Thatʼs the thing, sheʼs coming on the tour with us.” Paul says.
“Wait what? When did you decide this?”
“Last night.”
“Without talking to me?”
“Mel will you excuse us for a second?” Asks Paul.
“Sure.” Says Melody.
Paul says quietly,
“I didnʼt think I needed your approval.”
“Well it wouldʼve been nice to have some sort of warning without me having a panic
attack while youʼre having your little romance with this girl you hardly know.”
“Hardly know? I wouldnʼt say that. I know a lot about her. Havenʼt you ever heard a love
at first sight?”
“Oh course. And itʼs ridiculous. A myth thatʼs all that is.”
“Itʼs not a myth!”
“Itʼs not?”
“How do you know?”
“Because Iʼve experienced it Arthur!”
Artie stares at him.
“Itʼs true. I love her Art. I do. We have a spark. I have faith in her, like she does in me.”
Paul says with his watery eyes.
Artie still stares at him in disbelief, but he says,
“I-.... I believe you. I can see it in your eyes.”
“Then I have your blessing?”
“Yes you do, but I get the window seat okay?”
Paul laughs and says,
“Okay Artie you can have the window seat. Thatʼs if weʼre not late for the flight! Letʼs go.
And Artie, thank you.”
“I have his blessing! Weʼre going on tour together!” Says Paul.
“Great! Thank you so much Art.” Says Melody.
“You can call me Artie.”
“You can call me Artie... Thatʼs a catchy name for a song. Maybe....You can call me
Art........No not Art.....Hmmmmm.......Al perhaps? You can call me Al. Thereʼs a catchy
ring to that.” Paul says to himself.
“Paul? Are you coming or are you gonna stay in California?” Asks Artie.
“Oh right. Just thinking of a cool song title.”
“Right now?”
“Well when it comes to you it comes to you.” Says Paul.
They finally arrive at the airport. Melody has many bags because she just moved out of
her apartment. They barley make it on the plane. Artie takes the window seat, Melody
sits in the middle, and Paul is on the end.
“So Melody, have you ever been on a plane?” Asks Artie
“Once when I was still in high school. I took a trip to Florida.” Replies Melody.
“And how was the plane ride for you then?”
“It was quite fun actually. The take-off is the best part I think.”
“Why is that?”
“Because it feels like youʼre about to take off on a spaceship itʼs just really exciting.”
Artie looks at Paul and raises his eyebrows. Paul looks back at him and shrugs is
shoulders with a big smile on his face.
A few minutes later they were up in the sky. Artie fell asleep quickly with his pillow.
Melody and Paul fell asleep as well. Her head was leaning against his shoulder and his
head was leaned against hers. The tension between the three was awkward, but it was
nothing that time canʼt handle. Right?
To Be Continued...

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#3)

Paul and Melody arrive at the date.
“Paul this is amazing Iʼve never heard of this restaurant.” Said Melody.
“I know, itʼs the most expensive actually, but that doesnʼt matter.” Replied Paul.
“I really appreciate all this.”
“I have something to ask you.”
“What is it?” Asked Melody.
“Why did you think that I wasnʼt going to call you again?”
“Well, youʼre so famous and everything. I didnʼt think you would but now that Iʼm starting
to get to know you, youʼre a pretty sweet guy.”
“Not as sweet as what I have discovered. You.”
“Awh oh Paul stop.”
Paul hides his face in the menu
“What is it?” Asks Melody.
“Itʼs Artie.”
“Artie where?”
Melody turns around
“Hold on Iʼm gonna go to the restroom, pretend youʼre by yourself. I donʼt want him to
disrupt our night.”
“But Paul-”
Paul walks quickly to the men's room
“Hey, donʼt I know you?” Asks Artie.
“Sort of, I was the V.I.P. from your concert last night.” Said Melody.
“Right, your nameʼs Melody isnʼt it?”
“Thatʼs right.”
“So what are you doing here?”
“Oh you know, just grabbing a bite to eat.”
“Three hours away from your home?”
“Paulʼs with you isnʼt he?”
“Yes. I guess he didnʼt want any distractions.”
“Are you two....on a date?” Says Artie nervously
“I suppose so. Itʼs a bit strange but, I guess it is.”
“Well, I think Iʼll leave you two alone then. Iʼll be on the other side of the restaurant I
guess. It was nice seeing you.”
Artie walks away rushed.
Paul comes out of the restroom
“What did he say?” Asked Paul.
“Oh he just recognized me from last night thatʼs all.”
“As long as he doesnʼt interrupt. I want this night to be perfect.”
Melody smiles. Paul smiles back.
“You want to know something?” Paul asks.
“You look beautiful tonight.”
“Really? Awh thank you Paul. You look pretty handsome yourself.”
Paul laughs
“Got to try to keep up with you right?”
Melody laughs
They both laugh
“Hey there!” Says Artie.
“Arthur. What a pleasant surprise.” Paul says painfully. “What are you doing here?”
“Oh, just eating over there on the other side.” Answers Artie.
“Great.” Says Paul sarcastically.
There is a small awkward silence. Artie pulls up a chair from the table just across from
“Yes I was just talking to Melody. So, youʼre on a date.”
“Uh-...” Says Paul.
“Just what I thought. Iʼm proud of you Paul.” Says Artie. “Finally found ʻthe oneʼ have
you? Letʼs hope it turns out well this time-”
“Art! What is wrong with you?” Paul yells.
“...I donʼt know.” “I- I need to go Iʼm sorry.” Art says.
Artie walks out of the restaurant.
“Iʼm so sorry about that. He ruined everything.” Said Paul.
“Hey, no he didnʼt. Iʼm still here. And our food is still nice and hot okay?”
Paul stops from his rage and looks at Melody and smiles, taking a deep sigh
“Youʼre right. Iʼm overreacting.” Says Paul.
“No worries.”
The night goes on. Melody and Paul laugh and talk about each other. Getting to know
one another. Eventually they leave the restaurant and Paul takes Melody home at about
10 oʼclock at night.
“Melody.” Says Paul.
“Yes?” Answers Melody.
“The time that Iʼve spent with you has been the best time that Iʼve had in a long time.
Youʼre someone very special to me.”
“Really? I feel the same way.” Says Melody.
“I would like to date you Melody-” Begins Paul.
“But how? Youʼre on tour. Iʼll hardly see you. Long distance relationships never work.”
Interrupts Melody.
“Thatʼs what I was going to tell you. I want you to come on tour with me and Artie.”
“Paul thatʼs insane. Donʼt you two leave on a plane tomorrow morning?”
“Yes we do.”
“Oh Paul, I would have to stay up all night packing my things. Giving my key to my
apartment to the manager. Thereʼs just not enough time.”
“What if me and my driver helped you?” Asked Paul.
The tired driver of the limousine looks at Paul in disbelief.
“Could you really?” Asked Melody.
“Of course.”
“Oh my goodness I canʼt believe this is happening! Yes Iʼll go on tour with you!” Yelled
Melody runs out of the limousine, into her apartment, and begins packing. The driver
begins to talk...
“If you think Iʼm going to help her pack-...” Begins the driver
The driver had a deep voice. A voice that you could tell was different, yet a voice that
one couldnʼt exactly “call out” from other voices.
“Please Iʼll pay you extra.” Interrupts Paul.
“Fine. Better be a good one.” Spits the driver.
“It will.”
There was a small pause of silence.
“Youʼre crazy.”
“What do you mean?” Asks Paul
“Inviting her. Without discussing it with Art first. Are you out of your mind? You know how
he feels about these things.”
“I know. Itʼs just different with her. Thereʼs no time to talk about things. I might just start
falling in love with this girl.”
“This girl.... ha.” Says the driver playfully.
“You need to help me. Iʼve never felt like this and-”
“Paul! Are you two coming?” Asks Melody.
There was a slight pause.
“Weʼll be right out.” Says Paul nervously.
The driver looks at Paul hesitantly and says,
“I hope you know what youʼve got yourself into.”
Paul looks at the driver and replies,
“I hope I do to.” Say Paul with eyes of fear.
To Be Continued...

Picture of the restaurant:

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#2)

“We would like to thank you all for coming out tonight! Drive home safely.” Said Art
The concert was over and Melody was the only one with a backstage pass.
“Are you the only one here with a backstage pass?” Said the security guard.
“Yes.” Replied Melody.
“Alright, follow me.”
Melody was getting really excited to officially meet Simon & Garfunkel.
“So, you must be the V.I.P?” Asks Artie. “The pleasure is all mine.”
“Thank you. Itʼs great to be here.” Said Melody.
“Youʼre our V.I.P? Fantastic. Now we can be officially introduced.” Said Paul.
“Itʼs great to meet you both.” Said Melody.
“Wait a minute, maʼam do you know a John Martin? Because he was supposed to be
with you.” The security guard said.
“Well, yes I do know him. Thatʼs weird because he said he didnʼt buy backstage
tickets...Anyway he was my boyfriend, but we broke up just before the concert and he
left. Drove all the way back to my 3 hour away apartment.” Melody replied
“Is that why you were crying? I hate to see the fans cry of sadness. Iʼm so sorry” Said
“Yeah thatʼs why. And itʼs okay I just thought he was the one and he turned out to be
something totally different. He doesnʼt know great music when itʼs right in front of him.”
Replied Melody.
“Well my dear if he just walked out on you then he is truly selfish and a bit stupid. Youʼre
beautiful and a great dancer I might add.” Said Paul
Melody smiled and said,
“Thank you. Coming from you that means a lot.”
There was a short pause and Melody and Paul were just staring at each other when Art
“Uhm, why donʼt I leave you two to chat? It was a pleasure- uhm. Did I catch your
name?” Asked Artie.
“Melody. My name is Melody.”
“Well Melody, I hope to hear from you again itʼs nice to meet a fan. Thank you for being
Artie goes to shake her hand, but Melody wanted a hug so Artie, being the shy yet
sweet person he is, gives her a hug.
Artie walks away
“Melody huh? Thatʼs a beautiful name.” Said Paul. “Did you know that Melody means
“I do.” Said Melody “Itʼs pretty perfect actually. Me being all musical and everything.”
“What talents do you have?”
“Well, all I can really do is sing and play the guitar. I take a pick at songwriting every
now and again.”
Paul laughs. He catches her reference.
“Really? Do you mind if I hear something?”
“Uhm sure. Got a guitar handy?”
“Oh course!”
Melody grabs Paulʼs beautiful black guitar, puts the strap around her, and begins travis
picking and singing a song of her own
“You are magnificent.” Paul said.
“Why thank you. Not really as close to you though.”
Paul smiles and says,
“You wanna hear something crazy?” Paul asked.
“Try me.”
“I think you were meant to be at this concert.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Well if wasnʼt for your little ex-boyfriend there I would have never met you. So Iʼll have
to thank him one day.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I want to keep in touch with you. Is that alright?”
“Keeping in touch with Paul Simon, the other half of Simon & Garfunkel? Yeah that is
better than alright.”
“Come on, you can give me your number, Iʼll give you a lift home, and Iʼll call you
“Sounds great!” Melody said
They take the 3 hour drive back to Melodyʼs place and they talk about each other. There
was an instant spark between the two. Paul had never had a sparkle in his eye like he
did that night.
“Well, here we are.” Said Melody
“I guess weʼre here already.” Paul said sadly.
“Thank you for everything. It means a lot.”
“Of course. Iʼll call you okay?
Paul slowly gives her a kiss on the cheek.
“My pleasure.” Paul said.
Melody waves good-bye and the limousine slowly drives away. She didnʼt believe that
Paul was really going to call her back. He was a star and she was a small girl in a small
town. This was only a dream to her.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~** The next morning **~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“Please babe forgive me.” Begged John.
“You know I donʼt like being called babe! You donʼt even know me. You need to pack
your things and leave now.”
“Melody please. Youʼre the best thing thatʼs ever happened to me. I donʼt want that to be
ruined over some stupid concert that means nothing.”
“Well the concert meant something to me. And it wasnʼt stupid! You seriously need to
“Alright. Well whoever snatches you up, they will be the luckiest guy in the world. Iʼm
sorry Iʼm not the one for you. You donʼt owe me anything.”
John gathers his things and leaves the apartment
“Does he really think heʼs going to put guilt on me?” Melody says to herself. “Oh well.”
The telephone rings..... Could it be?
“Hello?” Asked Melody.
“Wow, even on the phone you sound cute. Itʼs Paul. Paul Simon.”
“Paul. I didnʼt think you were actually going to call I mean-” Melody clears her throat.
“Do what do I owe the pleasure?” She asks.
“I just wanted to call and see if you wanted to go on a date or something before I leave.”
“Before you leave? Well weʼre about 3 hours apart.”
“I know. We were supposed to leave this morning for Michigan, but I convinced Artie to
give us one more day in California. I had to see you again.”
“Right, youʼre on tour.”
“So, shall we go on a date?”
“Well, sure that would be great.”
“How about, 3 oʼclock?”
“Canʼt wait!”
“Okay. See you then.”
~~~~~~~***About three and a half hours later***~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“I really didnʼt think that you were going to call me.” Said Melody.
“Why wouldnʼt I?” Asked Paul.
“I donʼt know. Why would a brilliant person like you be calling someone like me?”
“Well, itʼs not every day that I meet a beautiful girl who sings and plays guitar beautifully
at a concert.”
“Letʼs go. I have something special planned for us.”
To Be Continued...

The Beginning: P.S.F.F. (#1)

“I canʼt believe weʼre going to a Simon & Garfunkel concert!” Said Melody.
“Of course. Any thing for you my dear.” Says John, Melodyʼs boyfriend of one year.
“This is so exciting! They released their Sounds of Silence album a few years ago, and
now they have a brand new album out! Do you realize that we have backstage passes?
Weʼre going to meet them!”
“Well, yes Melody I do know I bought them. And not we, just you.”
“What why?”
“Because I have no desire to. Theyʼre like 30 years old? Youʼre a grown woman of 21,
donʼt you think youʼre overreacting?”
“Overreacting? Iʼm under-reacting!”
John chuckles.
“Well we better leave” John says, “We donʼt want to be late right?”
“Exactly. Letʼs go!”
So Melody and John drive to the concert which is about three hours from their
“Are we actually here right now? Is this real I think I need to be pinched!” Melody yelled.
John pinches Melody
“Ouch okay, Iʼm awake.” Melody says annoyed. “So where are we sitting?”
“Oh nothing special.” John said with a smile. “Just the front row.”
“The front row? John are you kidding me? Like seriously the front row?”
“Yes Mel, like I said anything for you.”
“Oh thank you John so much! You have no idea how thankful I am.”
“Yeah well...You can pay me back later.”
“Later of course-” Melody paused. “Wait what do you mean later, I thought this was a
“A gift, Melody do you know how much I had to pay for this? Ridiculous.”
“Itʼs not ridiculous, theyʼre a wildly popular duo! They mean so much.”
“You know ever since youʼve been hooked on this, Simon & Garfinkel group-” John
starts to say.”
“Itʼs Garfunkel.”
“Whatever, ever since youʼve been hooked on them youʼve changed.” Said John.
“Have I changed? Or are you just too selfish to give a gift?” Yelled Melody.
“Melody please people are starting to look.”
“Oh so I guess Iʼm making a scene arenʼt I?!” Melody screamed. “Maybe I should-”
“Shut up! Just shut up!” Screamed John.
Melody looks at John in disbelief.
“Melody I-”
“Just go, if you donʼt want to be here just leave. We are through.”
“Wait youʼre breaking up with me?”
“Oh so you can take a hint?”
“Fine Iʼm leaving! You still owe me.”
“No I donʼt...”
And John walks out of the concert and hands his ticket to the lady and says,
“Take it! I donʼt want it anymore.”
And leaves.
Melody starts to cry because she thought that John was the love of her life but turned
out to be something different.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Simon & Garfunkel!”
The crowd goes wild. Everyone gives them a standing ovation. Except for Melody. She
just sits there with her head down. Crying.
“Boy what a turn out.” Says Art Garfunkel.
Paul Simon starts to play Mrs. Robinson on his steel guitar. When they finish the song,
and everyone is cheering, Melody claps, but she is very unhappy. Paul notices that
there is a girl in the front row, smack in the middle, and she has been crying.
“Artie, sing Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Paul whispers.
“What? I thought we were doing Bridge later in the concert. Itʼs our first debut of the
song.” Said Artie.
“I know, but look at that woman in the first row, youʼll know when you see her.”
“Yeah sheʼs crying but-” Artie starts to say, “Oh, I understand.”
“Alright, donʼt introduce the song till Iʼm down there.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Youʼll see.”
Paul goes down to the floor. No one knows what heʼs doing and they look at him all
confused, but they cheer because heʼs so close. Melody doesnʼt notice.
“This a song is from our new album.” Artie says, “Itʼs called Bridge Over Troubled
The piano starts to play and Paul walks down the front isle and stands in front of
Melody. Melody looks up to see Paul Simon in front of her. How the spot light makes
him look like an angel.
Paul gets on one knee right in front of her and wipes the tears away from her eyes with
his thumb.
“When youʼre weary, feeling small. When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all.” Artie
“Do I have this dance?” Paul whispers to Melody.
Melody pauses and says in shock,
Paul and Melody dance throughout Bridge Over Troubled Water. Though this is
happening, the audience was paying attention to Art and his angelic voice. The song
“You truly are a wonderful dancer.” Says Paul as he bows.
“Thank you.” Says Melody.
“Well, I should probably get back up there. It was a pleasure.” Says Paul. Paul kisses
Melodyʼs hand.
“Thank you.” She says.
To Be Continued......

Note: P.S.F.F. Stands for Paul Simon Fan Fiction ;)

Simon & Garfunkel at the concert:

Story of My Life..."The Reality Of Dreams"

The bitter reality that I must face is a horrible question that I eventually
need to ask myself. Are my thoughts and aspirations really my dreams, or are
they just an impossible illusion that twists my world into the down spiral of
universal truth? Lately I’ve been asking myself this question a lot, but I can’t help to
consider it because I fear what the answer might be. What if, after all this time,
my dreams are just a misapprehension? A lie? A misunderstood part of my
world? If this is the case, I can’t come to these conclusions. If one is human, he
would not like his dreams trampled on, like an ant having the constant horror and
danger of dying every second. One stomp, dead.

I’ve recently learned that our dreams are usually based on personal gain
and most of the time, illogical desires and self-absorption. And that because of
this, our dreams are impossible. “The Great Gatsby” written by Scott Fitzgerald
brings pessimism to the idea of “the american” dream. Many are confused and
unknowing of what the american dream is or how to achieve it. What is a dream?
A dream could be a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. Or, it could be an
unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy. Are fantasies good? Is it good to always live
in a fantasy and not reality? The answers to these questions are basically self
interpretation or even better, common sense.

I have a dream. A dream where I can influence others and change their
lives for the better. I tend to enjoy making people happy, making them laugh and
forcing them to know that I care about them. It’s who I am and I’m pretty sure that
will never change. However, today’s society is one of selfishness and disillusion.
The reason why we all have a downwards feeling about the world that we live in
and the people around us. The saying, “What is this world coming to,” is based
on actions of others. And what are those actions? Greed, egocentric desires and
disbelief that the world will get better. This, is what I want to change. Change
people’s incorrect perception of the world and replace it with joy and love.

This aspiration of mine not only helps others, but helps my inner self as
well. The fact that I could influence someone’s life and one will follow my
footsteps towards greatness is the greatest feeling I could possibly imagine. Are
my thoughts and aspirations really my dreams, or are they just an impossible
illusion that twists my world into the down spiral of universal truth? I can say that
these thoughts that run through my head, are definitely a dream that I am
determined to accomplish. Eventually I need to realize that this dream will be
difficult. But, it will never be impossible.


Story of My Life...#2

My AP American Literature teacher gave me an assignment about Ben Franklin’s
“Prefect Person” attempt. And it was pretty narly. It was called “The Virtues Project” and
we had to pick three things about ourselves that we wanted to “fix.” It was a very
interesting project. Like most people probably, it was something that I’ve never heard of,
let alone try. The virtues that I picked for it were: Confidence (having the ability to stand
up for myself and not remain silent), Musical (so something not music affiliated only
when absolutely and logically necessary), and Clingy (can not give anyone a hug or
receive a hug). I felt that these were virtues in my life because all three of these things
apply to my life in a big way. Confidence, because I play the alto sax with my Dad’s
band and I feel really weird about “improvising solos” so confidence would help.
Musical, because I always have my ear-buds in and whenever my parents try to talk to
me, I never hear what they’re saying which makes them irritated and I get in trouble.
Also, because playing my guitar or practicing my several instruments becomes a
distraction and pulls me away from my school work. Clingy, because I have been this
way since the 7th grade and over the years I have come to realize that most people
don’t like someone who is clingy so I have pushed away people I really care about. I
never realized how hard these would be. Confidence wasn’t that much of an issue, but
not being able to hug anyone or not be involved in music? Music is my life and hugging
is just my thing I guess.
With confidence, I failed one day. With music, I failed five days. With clingy, I
failed every single day. Obviously I didn’t do so good. See, these virtues are my life and
getting rid of them would be like missing a part of myself. I suppose I’m trying to say that
these virtues aren’t exactly a problem, it’s just that some people don’t really enjoy them
or use them in their lives as much as I do. If I were to try this again for a longer period of
time, I would probably die. In this situation, I am forced to use the old cliché, “Stay true
to who you are” and though it may be a cliché, it has never been more true to me than it
is now.